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Useful Links

Some of the links below are to our customers. They provide valuable support to Australian industry and we recommend them to you.

Data sheets for non-heat treaters
This link to the Contract Heat Treatment Association UK website gives excellent non-technical descriptions of various heat treatment processes including risks & outcomes.

Material analysis
Spectrometer Services provide a useful & cost effective analytical service to determine the exact chemical composition of steel.

Bohler Udderholm
Go to their “products” link. You can download data sheets with full chemical analysis & mechanical properties from the “Alloy Steel/High Tensile” & “Mild Steel” links.

Gear Design & Service
Also known as Sanderson Bros.
Marshall & Clayton Sanderson manufacture a wide range of gears.

Hardman Brothers
Hardman Bros. are gearcutters & general engineers. They produce a wide range of gear types & mechanical components for OEM & maintenance applications.

Ronson Gears
Ronson Gears specialise in medium to high volume precision gearing. Their state-of-the-art factory has the latest CNC hobbing & digital measuring equipment.

Gear Cutting & Manufacturing
Precision gear manufacturers of a wide range of gear types.

The Contract Heat Treatment Association of Australia
Provides links to CHTAA member companies.

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