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We harden steel

When heated to its critical temperature and then cooled rapidly steel containing sufficient carbon transforms from austenite into martensite. Martensite is a hard brittle material.

This phase transformation involves an increase in volume and the volume change in turn generates stresses in the component. It is these stresses that create distortion and in some cases cracking.

The amount of stress is a function of the hardening method, the material composition, product geometry, hardness level and the depth of hardness.

Like most complex issues this requires thought, planning and management if undesirable outcomes are to be avoided.

We have an extensive database of information on previous jobs and a wide range of equipment, tooling and jigs and fixtures. These plus our skilled and experienced staff combine to offer you the best possible outcome.

Naturally there are limitations to what we can process. If we can’t satisfy your needs we will, in most cases, be able to recommend another heat treatment supplier that can.

Surface hardening is usually the ultimate or penultimate step in a long list of manufacturing operations. You need quick and reliable service in order to satisfy your customer’s needs. We understand this and will work hard to achieve this outcome for you.

Richard Grove, Chris Grove & staff.

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