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Flame or induction?

We regard the flame and induction processes as complimentary. We use flame hardening for larger pins and shafts (50mm diameter+) and induction for smaller ones.

Materials that can be flame hardened may also be induction hardened.

The basic objective with flame or induction hardening is to produce a hard surface while retaining a soft core. Small diameter components overheat and through-harden when flame hardened. With induction hardening it is possible to restrict the heat to the surface layer of the component and achieve the desired outcome.

Flame hardening is a much more adaptable process and many parts are still heat treated with a hand-held torch. In these cases operator experience and skill are important factors.

Generally with flame hardening setup times are shorter and as a result lead times are also shorter.


In 2015 we will have been in business for 50 years.

The business was founded by Fred Davidson in 1965 and named “Flame hardening Service” operating from premises in Edinburgh Street, Huntingdale. It moved to the present location at 23 Wells Road, Oakleigh in 1970.

Fred’s nephew, Peter McKenzie took over from Fred and in 1979 changed the business name to “Flame Hardening Services (Aust)”

In 1998 The Carr Gear Company Pty Ltd and Grove Management Services Pty Ltd purchased the assets and commenced trading under the current name “Flame Hardening Services Pty Ltd”. Some nine months after this Carr Gear sold its share to the current owners Richard Grove and his son Christopher who now run the business.

Quality, safety and environment

Flame and induction hardening are relatively simple processes – simply heat the steel to its critical temperature and cool it quickly to form a hard martensitic structure. However, when you add to this other variables such as component geometry, material type, quench media and required outcomes of hardness and case depth the process becomes more complex.

We run simple systems aimed at providing high levels of service and repeatability. We have reinvested in the business to improve levels of automation, reduce material handling and waste and to improve safety. While our systems are not AS9001 certified they are designed to comply with the major requirements of this standard.

Service levels and urgent work

Our normal delivery for standard batch sizes (1-20) is 2-3 working days. For breakdown jobs requiring a shorter turnaround times a 25% surcharge applies.

Other heat treatment processes

Although we specialize in flame and induction hardening we are happy to discuss your needs and help you choose the best heat treatment process for your job.

If required we will sub-contract and manage your work so that you only have to deal with one heat treatment company in Melbourne. Many of our country customers take advantage of this service to simplify delivery, pickup and payment.

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